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Forever Forward

The company BONFIGLIOLI HELLAS SA was established on February 1992 and initiated its operation on March of the same year, having its base in Thessaloniki and as its plain of activity the Hellenic and Balkan field. The main activity of the company is the importation and distribution of all the products of the Bonfiglioli Group, such as gear motors, motor variators, planetary gear boxes, electric A.C. and D.C. motors, inverters, brakes, clutches, clamping, coupling, etc. In addition, it offers reliable technical proposals for applications of the above mentioned products, as well as full service cover. Gradually, Bonfiglioli Hellas SA will extend the variety of products available to cover the full domain of "equipment for motion transmission". Within a few years, our company, based on the professionalism of its executive personnel, coupled to the high efficiency of the products, succeeded in becoming the eminent Greek company in the market of gear motors for industrial and manufacturing usage. The immediate participation of the Bonfiglioli Group - a company which possesses an outstanding position in the global market - in our company's stock capital leads to the expansion of Bonfiglioli Hellas in the near future in the field of construction of equipment for motion transmissions, having as its primary aim the total satisfaction of the Hellenic and Balkan demand for such equipment.

The company, adapting as its logo the word "cooperation" promotes and supports the most efficient solutions and applications in its area of expertise, by continuously bringing together the industrial and construction fields of the country on the one hand and the most technological advanced products in the area of gear and electrical motors on the other. Furthemore, it offers the best product cost/quality relation to its customers, taking the logo "cooperation" a step further.

The Founder

Our founder was a man of great vision. From the time he founded the company in 1956, he never stopped thinking of ways to provide products and solutions that would better serve the markets, while ensuring that “the quality and service provided to the customer would be the polar star that guided our navigation.” Clementino Bonfiglioli never stopped navigating the company; he continued to steer “full speed ahead” by developing innovative products that would advance the company to the global leadership position it has today. His spirit lives on in our day-to-day activities. In fact, his words were the inspiration for our new tagline, Forever Forward. “Avanti, avanti a tutta forza!” .

Clementino Bonfiglioli (1928 - 2010)

Bonfiglioli Quality

The Bonfiglioli Quality System is a unified proccess that is being adopted in all stages of the procedure according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 standards.

Replacement & Repair

Our company can replace and repair engines and gearboxes of other companies with our own respective.

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